The GMEngine Creed


Any company should have a creed or manifesto, which is being followed, trusted, believed, honored and served every day. 

I will never stop trusting the internet, and I will envolve with it. I’ll keep pushing the limits, both of things assigned to me and things not yet trusted me. I know that building trustworthy business, requires passion, responsibility and loyal customers. I will never ignore an option of helping a colleague, and I will always remember the day before today, where I knew a bit less than I do today. I’m developing myself through the storytelling and I’m more passionate about developing the solutions for tomorrow than the money I could have earned by cutting corners.

I know code sharing is the future and I know that Open Source is to have no discrimination against users, which I blind will follow and respect, even through war.

I trust my colleagues and I will communicate as clear and open towards them, as we only through clear communication can evolve the company globally. I’m part of the long haul, and no matter how far away the resolution is, the best way to get there is to move forward, one step at the time.