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Managed WordPress hosting

The term "WordPress Hosting" has been so overused, like "cloud hosting", that the true definition has been lost in translation. So instead, we chose to name our service Managed WordPress as we believe it is an accurate description of what we provide.

Caching of services

Caching of your WordPress website can increase the speed by up to 80% - even without changing any code. Our team of experts have designed the solutions to automatically be caching-ready, from day one. Find more about it in our support section.

SSL, why and the upside

The umbrella of SSL certificates, is huge. And most of them is completely irrelevant as a website owner. However the relevance of SSL is high, for the sake of good SEO work. We provide free of charge SSL certificate for all website owners. Instantly.


The security for hosting and handling a website is crucial. We support automatically malware detection tools, and if you should be hit by an attacker - you can through one click roll back to before the attack happened. That is what we call 365 security supportive services.

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