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Automated initial username and password

NB: We strongly encourage you to change the unique username and password to onw only you know, after logging into your WordPress instance for the first time.

Your WordPress installation is setup within 60 seconds after initialization, meaning the username and password is auto-generated and can only be used to access your website.


However, we do obtain a copy of the initial username and password, and do reuse it for emergency-resets, in case you completely loose access to your website at a later stage.

After your WordPress website have been setup, your username and password can be found at your GMEngine Domain Dashboard.

Click Domain and select the domain you need your password for. We have selected the domain


Click Security in the Domain Dashboard

The standard domain-url, username and password for your new WordPress installation is now available.

The username and password is set by our automated robots, and can’t be manually changed by our team.

However we suggest you log-in to your new WordPress installation, and change it yourself.


Read more about how to do that here

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