SSL – What is it?

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The short answer behind SSL

The SSL certificate is qualified by the “s” in https, and ensure any sensitive information, you provide or receive is done through a secure communication layer.

Have you ever thought about why some websites starts with http:// while others start with https:// and how it can affect you?

As a consumer you always want to see the “https” when you are visting any website online, to enable you to trust the information available and to communicate with the website-owner securely and without interference

It is the big thing, lets talk about why?

When you land on a page with a form to fill out and submit, your data can be intercepted and stolen by hackers on any website without SSL.

This could be information as anything like your credit card data, bank information, house loans, kids social security id – and now you have become an subject to this hacker.

Hackers often talk about these kind of interceptions as “man-in-the-middle attacks”, where they steal the information, as they pass through.

Fair enough – it for sure never happens, so why focus on it at all?

Man-in-the-middle attacks is one of the most common ways, as a hacker places a small, undetectable listening program on the server, running the website, to obtain and steal all information as they are passed.

That programs only function, is to wait in the background, until a visitor starts typing the information they want to steal – at this point of time it automatically activates, steal the information, sends it to the hacker and goes back to sleep, while waiting for the next victim.

When you visit a website encrypted with SSL, your browser ensured an communication tunnel directly between you and the web server, without listening programs can intercept it.

The communication is now bound by the certificate, where you hold the public piece, and the server holds the private piece of this certificate. 

Please – activate it now, what shall I press to get it in my Google Chrome?

You don’t need to do anything for the SSL-certificate to work, it is something that happens instantly and some suggest that the communcation actually is faster than the unsecure websites.

GMEngine are providing all customers SSL-certificates automatically, to ensure no man-in-the-middle interceptions can occour.

The Secure Technology?

SSL is a secure technology, developed and enhanced every day by some of the most skilled technicians worldwide. It is a protocol for clients (browsers) and servers to ensure any data that passes through, are private and stays private. This is done through the encrypted link.

Companies that request any personal information from you as a user, should have a SSL certificate on their website.

Having one means that the details you are providing will stay private and ensure that the company receives the information can be certain that the data have not been manipulated.

There are several types of certificates you can use, you can read more about them in our SSL section

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