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A2 Optimized WP is a WordPress plugin that makes your site faster and more secure. It’s developed by A2, a leading web hosting company. A2 Optimized WP is available for free to all A2 Hosting customers

A2 Optimized WP

A2 Optimized WP improves your site’s performance by optimizing your WordPress installation for speed and security. A2 Optimized WP includes several features to improve your site’s performance, including

– One-click WordPress installation: A2 customers can install WordPress with just a few clicks

– A2 Optimized W3 Total Cache plugin: This caching plugin speeds up your site by caching static files and eliminating database queries- A2 Optimized WordPress Security: This plugin helps to secure your WordPress site by hiding vital information and protecting against attacks.


A2 Optimized WP is the perfect solution for those who want a fast and secure WordPress site. A2 Hosting customers can install A2 Optimized WP with just a few clicks. Once installed, A2 Optimized WP will automatically optimize your WordPress installation for speed and security.

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