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Zendesk is serving more than 200.000 customers worldwide with service-first CRM products, including the most well known Zendesk Support / Zendesk Ticket.

Zendesk makes in general the customer service better through several services, and they wish to meet the customer needs and set you and your team for success – which we now will help you getting started with.

You can connect your GMEngine and Zendesk Accounts with each other through our E-mail-forward service, sending any e-mail received in your support, directly into your Zendesk Account.

When you start this guide, we expect that you have already created your Zendesk Account – otherwise it can easily be done through their website


Zendesk Ticket

After you have logged into Zendesk, click in the left menu on the Admin-logo. This is illustrated as an noce.

Zendesk Ticket Admin Page

At this page, in the top click in the box “Support settings are in Admin Center. Go to Admin Center“.


Click Channels

Click Email

Zendesk Ticket Forward emails

Copy the e-mail found under Support addresses.

The e-mail is

Forward from GMEngine

Login to your GMEngine account to complete the e-mail forward and ensure it always sends all emails directly into your Zendesk Account.

In the left menu, click Email

Select the domain which e-mails you wish to forward

Click Forward emails

GMEngine Admin Add Email

In the e-mail field, type in your support email, this could be as our example have the domain

In the forward field, type in your Zendesk account.

From the picture above it would be

NB: Be aware that the e-mail can’t be created already, so if you have created prior to this, you will need to delete that first, and then create the forward

Your e-mails is now being forwarded to Zendesk, and you can start using their Support Ticket services!

You can find all our guides for the GMEngine Admin here.

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