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Freshdesk is incredible easy to setup with GMEngine.

FreshDesk is part of the Freshworks group, who focus on effortless customer srevice and engaging in a more meaningful conversation every day accross every channel with every single customer of yours.

You can connect your accounts with each other through our E-mail-forward service, sending any e-mail received in your support, directly into your account.

When you start this guide we suggest you create your account at the same time, as this will ease the setup phase.


When you create your account, you will be asked to make your account your own – with your own freshdesk subdomain

On the second setup page they suggest you start inviting your team mates, so all of you can have access to the support system and get going through an easier phase.


Freshdesk is incredible simple, and clearly shows why they are one of the biggest and smartest Support Ticket systems in the world.

On the last page of the setup, you instantly get the e-mail they’ve created for you, which you need to copy and use in your GMEngine mail panel.


Copy the e-mail found under Support addresses.

The email is expectable

Forward from GMEngine

Login to your GMEngine account to complete the e-mail forward and ensure it always sends all emails directly into your Zendesk Account.

In the left menu, click Email

Select the domain which e-mails you wish to forward

Click Forward emails

GMEngine Admin Add Email

In the e-mail field, type in your support email, this could be as our example have the domain


In the forward field, type in your Freshdesk account.


From the picture above it would be

NB: Be aware that the e-mail can’t be created already, so if you have created prior to this, you will need to delete that first, and then create the forward

Your e-mails is now being forwarded to Freshdesk, and you can start using their Support Ticket services!

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