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More than just using Cloudflare’s Content Delivery (CDN) services, customers rely on Cloudflare’s global network to enhance security, performance, and reliability of anything connected to the Internet.

Cloudflare stops malicious traffic before it reaches your origin web server. Cloudflare analyzes potential threats in visitor requests based on a number of characteristics:


  • Visitor’s IP address
  • Resources requested
  • Request payload and frequency
  • Customer-defined firewall rules

Setting up Cloudflare

When setting up Cloudflare, click Website in the left menu and enter your domain name.

Most users only need the Free package, but the Pro package have several optimization options for decreasing the load time of images and automatic mobile optimization you should consider if things load slowly on your website.

After choosing package, it automatically scnas your existing DNS records.

Make sure your content points at the DNS settings set in your GMEngine backend, under your domain name > DNS.

Click Continue and now update your nameservers with thew new ones from Cloudflare.

Reach out to our team if you aren’t certain how to do so.

Setting the right SSL/TLS setting

In the left pane click SSL/TLS > Overview.

To ensure you use the certificates from GMEngine, and that your site is always running correctly on the server SSL-certificates, set the setting as FULL.

It is possible to run WordPress sites without having a local SSL-certificate, this however requires certain tweaks to your wp-config.php, we have avoided by providing a princip of Always free SSL certificates.

Scrape Shield

Cloudflare offers certain pieces of protection to your site, which can be enabled and disabled as needed.

In the left pane click Scrape Shield

We strongly suggest using the Cloudflare Scrape Shields for Email Address Obfuscation and Server-side Excludes.

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