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Having XML Sitemaps is alfa omega for developing an website that can be found online. GMEngine is ourselves serving hundreds of pages for Google Search Engine. Our pages is easy to identify, based on our XML Sitemap.

We have significantly improved our site structure with different internal linking tools. With this sitemap that can be easily installed and deployed within Google Webmaster Tools.

WordPress Plugin: XML Sitemaps

We will here go through how you setup and install the XML Sitemaps plugin from WordPress, to gain the optimal opportunity for being found by the Search Engines.

The guide takes 3-5 minutes to complete. The optimization options in this guide is relevant.

XML Sitemaps

At GMEngine we have as standard disabled the FTP functionality, but instead enabled directly upload through FS_DIRECT with WordPress.

It gives you a more smooth installation process of plugins. While it additionally decrease the needs for complicated setups.

1) Login to your GMEngine WordPress Admin, and click on Plugins

2) In the top left corner click the button Add New

3) Search for XML Sitemaps

4) Click Install and wait few seconds until it changes to Activate

Your XML Sitemap is now installed and automatically ready to read by the search engines.

At this point of time, you don’t need to do further.

Optimizations of XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps has an option for further optimizations where you can point out the priorities and change frequencies you have.

1) Login to your GMEngine WordPress Admin, and click on Settings

2) Click XML Sitemap

The settings do now show up, and you can modify them as needed.

Webserver configuration

The Webserver configuration is automatically done. You do not need to do anything to update this.

Sitemap Content

We suggest you review the Sitemap Content category. This include all things you wish Google shall find. Posts, articles, WooCommerce products, tags and/or custom posts from your Templates.

Other cool Sitemap plugins

An alternative to XML Sitemaps is Yoast SEO, which we have made another article about.

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