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With GMEngine, you have decided to take the extra step and benefit with W3 Total Cache, from both powerfull infrastructure and an optimized platform for high speed websites.

In this article, we will explain how to increase further for high-traffic and/or low response time WordPress site by configuring W3 Total Cache with Memcached on our Managed Cloud Services.

Memcached is a query technology that uses the servers RAM to cache all frequently used MySQL files and requests. Read more about Memcached here.

1) Memcached is pre-installed

With most hosting companies, you need to manually have Memcached activated and/or installed.

All our packages comes with Memcached pre-installed and pre-setup, as well in your wp-config file :-).

2) Install W3 Total Cache

Using W3TC with Memcached on GMEngine is fairly simple, and requires only few steps.

You will instantly gain the optimized page speed, and automatically have an better feeling of your website.

W3TC have certain competitors, like WP Super Cache, WP Cache and a ton of others. However, to have the optimal usage, please make sure to deactivate all other Caching services, before setting up W3 Total Cache.

Here are the steps to follow, to configure W3TC with Memcached:

  1. Sign in to your WordPress console
  2. Click Plugins
  3. Search for W3 Total Cache
  4. Click Install
  5. In the left menu, click to Performance
  6. Click General Settings
  7. Activate Memcached for the following options:
    1. Page Cache Method
    2. Minify Cache Method
    3. Database  cache Method
  8. Save the settings

What is W3TC

W3TC is supporting you in improving the SEO score, with Core Web Vitals and an overall enhancement of the user experience f your website. This happens through decreasing the load time through perforamnce and redesigning the mechanism behind handling the requests.

W3TC is an web host agnostic Web Performance framework used by more than 1 million WordPress sites globally.

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