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Duplicator Pro

At GMEngine, we encourage the usage of Off-site Backup methods like Duplicator Pro supports. This ensures you the full control of your own backups, even though you as well can use our services.

The Backup Strategy is always an 3-2-1 strategy:

3 Versions of the file (1 prod + 2 backup)

2 Backup locations (On-site and off-site)

1 Production version of the file


In this article, I’ll explain how you can archive this, by using an standard WordPress plugin, with an amazing underlying support for alternative backup locations.

Installation of Duplicator Pro

  1. Sign in to your WordPress console
  2. Click Plugins
  3. Search for Duplicator Pro
  4. Click Install
  5. Click Activate

Setup guide of Duplicator Pro

The first step in using Duplicator is to set up the target storage for your backups.

First, navigate to the menu item titled Duplicator (Pro) on the sidebar.

As of this moment, we are setting up a template for each storage solution. This is the actual target location for every backup at a later point. You should set up all potential backup locations at this point.

In the top of the page click Storage Option and Add New in the top right corner.

Specify a name for the template.

Under Type, specify that you wish to use Dropbox or Google Drive for your backup location.

Add the path to the folder of where you wish to place the backup.

Depending on location of the data, this path needs to be filled in.

The Backup Template

Now we are ready to set up the Backup Template, which gives you a streamlined method for backing up your stuff.

Navigate to Duplicator Pro -> Tools -> Templates

Click on Add New in the top right corner.

You can here copy from another template or create a new one from strach.

Provide the name and notes as you prefer for the template.

Click Save Template to save your configuration.

Schedule your backups

Navigate to Duplicator Pro -> Schedules -> All

Setting up an Automated Backup procedure is always preferred, so you don’t miss out on your own data.


While setting it up, select the Backup Template you have defined and select your Google Drive Backup Folder or Dropbox Backup Folder decided earlier.


We suggest you set the repeat to Weekly, and choose a random time between 00:00 and 07:00 (your local time).

NB: It is not recommended to use GMT+0 00:00, as most users as standard have this timestamp selected.

Using Cloud Storage tips with Duplicator Pro

When you are using a Cloud Storage provider for your backups, you will face that the backup consumes your purchased storage space or that your storage space is full within no time.

There is a small field called Max Packages, set this to 5 – so you always keeps a 5 days backup or 5 weeks backup.

Read more about the Backups at GMEngine, and how to combine the two methods.

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