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WordPress support several ways to set or reset your password. 

It fully depends on if you know it already, or if you have forgotten it.

To change your password

In case you know the already existing password, and just wants to change it – this could be if the site have just been setup by our automated robots, do the following:

1) Login on the Administrator Account

2) In the Administration Panel, click Users in the left menu

3) Select All Users

4) Click on the user, in the list, you wish to edit

5) Scroll down and find the “New Password” section. Click Generate Password


You can now choose between the autogenerated password, or enter your own password instead.

The system will show you how safe/strong your password is.


You can use this external service to generate another password.

Using the inbuild functionality

The easiest way is to use the already inbuild functionality for resetting the password, as it keeps the new password safe between you as the user, and the website without any manual interference.

You can do so by going to your websites URL and click “Lost your password?”.

This leads to an form where you enter your username, and few seconds later a reset-password link have been sent to you.

Follow the reset link and you can set your new WordPress password instantly.

We suggest you either change it after logging into your WordPress site (on your profile page) or you click “save password” in your browser.

Completely forgot it?

If you’ve completely forgot your password, you can reach out to our team in the support center here.

When we are resetting your password, our team of experts will request several information from you – including but not limited to copies of earlier invoices and what changes you remember to have done latest.

These things combined will proof for our team that you are who you claims to be.

But just reach out, we will guide you through the process.

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