Plugins for Members Only

Plugins for Members Only Sections

When running an WordPress site, it is normal to have an “Members Only section”.

There do exist a number of plugins to manage this, but we have tried to carve it down and dig into few of them.

So, if you are looking for Plugins to manage your members only sections of the website, here’s a list that might help you make a decision:

Members Only Content

Plugins we will go through

– MemberPress: It is one of the most popular plugins and allows you to easily create, manage and protect membership content

– Restrict Content Pro: It helps you accept payments, manage subscribers, and deliver premium content in WordPress

– Paid Memberships Pro: It is an easy to use WordPress plugin to accept payments, setup subscriptions, and deliver digital content

– Simple Membership Plugin: yet another powerful WordPress membership solution that offers many features to build a fully functioning membership site

– WP Membership: it is an easy way to protect yourcontent and sell online courses, trainings, and digital products securely

– MemberMouse: it is an all-in-one membership software solution that makes it easy to protect, manage, and deliver digital content

Pros and Cons of MemberPress

-Pros: easy to use, great for restricting content, has a lot of features

-Cons: can be expensive, some features require additional plugins

Pros and Cons of Restrict Content Pro

-Pros: relatively inexpensive, integrates with popular payment processors, straightforward design

-Cons: fewer features than MemberPress, no free trial period

Pros and Cons of Paid Memberships Pro

-Pros: one time fee, no recurring payments, wide range of customization options via shortcodes and plugin settings

-Cons: minimal design settings, not as intuitive as MemberPress or Restrict Content Pro

Simple Membership Plugin Pros and Cons

-Pros: free membership plugin with premium features available, easy to use and set up

-Cons: some features are only available in the premium version

WP Membership Pros and Cons

-Pros: easy to use, wide range of customization options, integrates with popular payment processors

-Cons: no free trial period, minimal design settings

MemberMouse Pros and Cons

-Pros: all-in-one membership solution, offers a variety of features and integrations

-Cons: can be expensive, some features require additional plugins

Wordpress MemberMouse Plugin


Choosing the right membership plugin depends on a number of factors, including the budget, the level of customization required, and the ease of use. Plugins like MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro are great for restricting content and managing memberships, while Paid Memberships Pro is a good choice for those who need more customization options. For a free membership plugin, Simple Membership Plugin is a great option that offers many features, while WP Membership is another easy-to-use plugin with a wide range of customization options. Finally, MemberMouse is an all-in-one membership solution that offers a variety of features and integrations.

Do you have a favorite plugin for managing members only sections? Let us know in the comments below!






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