Why Dedicated WordPress is preferred

“I know a guy – and he can just fix everything on WordPress”

Most of the professionals have heard that sentence before, and know the solution in most cases isn’t optimal.

Using a dedicated WordPress hosting bureau, gives both you as a customer and/or you as a bureau the optimal scenario for service optimized your needs and requirements, without the fear of a lot of home-made scrips running on the exact same servers.

The common mistake of high CPU usage on standard shared Hosting

High CPU usage is a very common issue, that affects mostly any shared hosting provider worldwide. Shared servers is servers containing hundrets if not thousands of websites, and many of the m are running PHP processes and MySQL queries at the same time.

The servers have no kind of inbuild optimizations, due to why as well WordPress plugins require high RAM and processing power to make any website run smoothly.

Most common for high CPU usage / decreased speed problems

– Lots of WordPress plugins installed

– Resource consuming plugins installed

– Hacked WordPress accounts

– Buggy home-made plugins 

– Real-time stats collecting plugins (uptime plugins etc)

– High number of visitors

– Self hosted Media streaming

– WordPress Heartbeat

The list above are things that can potentially decrease your experience, and increase your fustrations as you will be increasing your CPU usage – and feel your website slows down. Most of the things can be easily resolved, and some of the things may need a dialog between you and the team at GMEngine.

Optimize your WordPress database – and clean out the junk

To clean your WordPress dataabse, there exists a number of plugins. We suggest using WP Optimize and show in this article how it can remove the spam comments, post revisions, auto drafts, transients, pingbacks, trackbacks and unused tables which have been left behind as you uninstalled plugins.

It is common to install and test multiple wordpress plugins, and even through most plugins have the right install and uninstall functionality, there are a high number of plugins where the uninstall setup isn’t done correctly.

These plugins leave behind a number of junk directly into your database, both related to tables and rows that you will not need.

WordPress is build to read between the database tables, which just leaves out a lot of unnecessary noice and legacy in your database – decreasing the speed.

We strongly suggest you read our guide on how to use WP Optimize.


Start using W3 Total Cache

As a dedeicated WordPress Hosting bureau we have already prepared your setup for W3 Total Cache, including updated your wp-config.php file with the required setup.

W3 Total Cache is an incredible caching tool, that can decrease your load time by up to 90%, cause by the improvement in WordPress.

Query Monitor

Do you know which plugins is causing a high load time on your website?

The Query Monitor plugin for WordPress can easily profile your website, and give you an instant overview of what plugins you should replace with better alternatives.

During one of our tests we could see the All In One SEO plugin is having a way higher resource spend than SEO by Yoast, and other ligh weight SEO plugins.

Did you get hacked?

Getting hacked can happen for all of us, if we aren’t always alert.

Getting hacked is one of the usual reasons for a high CPU usage, and it is generally difficult to get resolved.

Using our Backup Services with How to restore a backup gives you an overview of which date you got hacked, and is giving you an option to roll back single files – and not just the full website at once.

We always suggest you install a plugin like Wordfence, which can give you an easy overview of security issues related to your website.

Running an WooCommerce Webshop

Running Webshops is usually costfull in relation to memory and CPU usage, and the easiest wins for optimization is to select our eCommerce packages. Our WooCommerce servers is running on more than 16GB ram and 8 bustable CPU’s, securing you the optimal solution for eCommerce services. Reach out to our team, to know more about your options.

Real time statistics collector plugins

Many websites use services like Site24x7 or Pingdom, to ensure constant control of availablity.

However, what mostly nobody thinks about, is that it leaves out the Hosting provider with constant garbage requests, just to qualify that the hosting providers own Uptime service is correct. We strongly suggest you use our service at uptime.gmengine.com, to control our uptime :).

High volume of online visitors

Thousands of simultaniously users will affect the load time of your website, if you isn’t yet using W3 Total Cache.

We suggest you start using the optimization plugins mentioned here, and reach out to our team for an service upgrade to one of our most powerful servers. 

WordPress Heartbeat

WordPress heartbeat is, on one side, an amazing user experience, and on the other side an fustration for the hosting providers.

WordPress heartbeat is build to serve communication between the clients and the server through instant javascript requests to admin-ajax.php, which creates high CPU usages.

We suggest to resolve this by installing the Heartbeat Control plugin and configure it to only respond every 60 seconds and only allow on post edit pages.






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